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Dominican Republic surf camp

About country
Dominican Republic, located in the Caribbean on the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with another country of Haiti. Not far from Cuba and Jamaica, between the two American continents. Island of Hispaniola - a heavenly place, where perpetual summer, mild tropical climate, and of course...
Surf camp in Dominican Republic is located in Rio san Juan, on a cliff near the ocean. Its quiet and beautiful place, far from the big city life. Here is wild and virgin nature, for relax and fell freedom. Its 3 floors. On a first big kitchen, on a second floor living rooms for 2, 3 or 4 persons. On a territory you find nice green grass and skate ramp. S - board, indo board etc. 
School, packages, prices
Surf school in Dominican Republic has been working already for more than 10 years. Located in the middle of a legendary surfing beach "Playa Grande". Surf station offers everything you need to make your first step into the beautiful world of surfing or improve your skills as you've been already stocked by it. The instructors speak English, Russian and Spanish.
Surfing is all over the year on the north coast of Dominican Republic, exactly where the surf camp is held because the north coast is bounded by Atlantic Ocean which brings swell and great waves. This place is the most interesting for holidays – there is surfing, kiteboarding and windsurfing here, clubs, bars and restaurants. A great choice for those, who prefer excursions. The infrastructure is progressive, there is almost a Wi-Fi connection in each bar. The great advantage of Dominican Republic is quite a small number of people on the wave severally more possibilities for the beginners for riding, no one will ask you to go away from the wave. 
There are all the types of waves there: reef, beach, point breaks.
Diving in Dominican Republic with professionals instructors. 
Road & tickets
The surf camp is locaited on a north shore of a Dominican Republic near Rio San Juan, small fishermans town.  To get there use this company:
Air Berlin, JetAir, Click Air,Condor, AirFrance, Transaero, Aeroflot, Iberia
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